Mackmyra - Moment Malström - Tasting Notes

Warm spicy sweetness mixed with banana and bit malty like Brinta at first. Fruit and berries come to mind.

Coriander, lemon, dried abricots, turkish delight, plums, vigs, leather, cassis, chocolate, mint, vanilla, and raisin.
A nice balanced mix of sweet and fresh notes full with fruity notes.

Mix of dried fruits, cream, red apple, banana, fresh summer fruits, lots of berries, and some fresh mint and citrus.

Vanilla and raisins, combined with some very rich fruit cake come to the front, with some chocolate sprinkles in them.

It is sweet and has a a rich and quite balanced feel to it. Very nice expression with warm fruity notes. Some backing spices, fudge and a hint of dry cinnamon and honey.

Medium length finish.  The vanilla, fudge and chocolate notes are strong to the end.

Balanced expression for sure, rate it 7,5 out of 10. Moment Malström, translated as whirlpool, is a limited edition of 1500 bottles. Made with whisky matured only in 30-Litre casks of all kinds from the Mackmyra cellars.

This whisky has been maturing in Ambassador Casks (see Moment Vinterträdgård for explanation), 1st fill Sherry, 1st fill ex-Bourbon, New Swedish Oak. 99% elegant whisky and 1% Smoky whisky. Bottled at 46.45ABV and due to be released in June 2014. Something to keep an eye out for. Thanks Angela for sharing it with us!

Mackmyra - Moment Bärnsten - Tasting Notes

Directly the honeyed sweetness mixed with rich vanilla and raisins hit my nose. After that comes some lemon sweets combined with orange and grapefruits. It is fresh, sweet and fruity.

Fresh plums sweetness it reminds me of a bit. Mixed with elderflower blossom and gooseberries. There is also some earthiness to it, and some mixed oriental spices maybe... 

Hard to get to the bottom of this nose it is throwing me from one side to the other. Like the nose, but needs some water I think. It is bottled at 49,8% and is holding it self a bit "closed". With a couple of drops of water it reveals some more fruit and berry notes, combined with a very light smoke and sweet wood note on it. 

Pepper, spice, honey, leather, tobacco, red apple, red berry, dark berry, gooseberry, blackcurrent, pear, banana, vanilla, chocolate, raisin, orange, lemon, grapefruit, turkish delight, mango, and some eucalyptus... It is a sweet fruity dram for sure!

With some water added to this dram it gives me also some cinnamon and gingery notes, combined with the pepper, dark chocolate and vanilla. It reveals it self a bit more with some water, and warming up the glass more and more, develops the sweet notes also. Always keep amazing me more and more the difference a bit of water or warmth can do to a whisky.

It has a sweet, bit dry smoke medium length finish

This one scores a 7,5 out of 10 for me. It needed some time, but it reveals it self in the end. This 
Moment Bärnsten bottling shared to us by Angela, translated to Amber, is a limited edition of 1500 bottles made with ex-cloudberry wine casks and smoke tail whisky on swedish oak and ex-bordeaux wine casks, and released in December 2013.

Mackmyra - Moment Vinterträdgård - Tasting Notes

Citrus, mint, cardamon, thyme, fresh, lemon, cream, fresh pastry, vanilla, creme brûlée.

Jasmine tea, cherry blossom, kiwi fruit, orange, white chocolate. There is something salty and pine in there. There is something in there I cant place, put some drops of water in it, but it does not reveal much more to me with that. 

Almost some tobacco leaves, leather on one side, and light lemon cheese cake on the other side...

Black pepper, vanilla, spice, raisin, light flowers notes, liqeurish, mint, lemon, cinnamon, chocolate chip cookies. 

Honey, chocolate, and some very nice dark summer fruit and fudge. Orange marmalade bitter, vigs, and tobacco leaves. Also some herbs pop up in the back like thyme, clove and sage.

It has something fruit, but also somewhat floral notes in it. Mixed with some sherry like notes. But this one was made with ex wild raspberry wine casks, ex- lingonberry & blueberry wine casks and ex-Ambassadors casks (combination cask: 2nd fill mackmyra, new swedish oak). Maybe it is the combination of berry that is going on here.  

Medium length finish with a sweet dry cocoa finish to it. 

7 out of 10 for me on this one. I like it, but has a little metallic bitterness in it on the finish that is setting this one a little bit off I think? But just a little, its not overpowering. Bottled at 48,4%, and is a limited edition of 1500 bottles.

Mackmyra - Midvinter 2013 - Tasting Notes

Spice, sweet, dense forrest notes, pepper, cinnamon, ginger. A sweet mixture of spices and dried fruits. Warm full notes of vanilla, raisin, dried apple, dried abricots, honey, and a dash of fresh lemon sweets and peppermint freshness over it.

Anice, pine, ginger bread, dense fruit cake, butterscotch, dark chocolate, heather, rose hip, cranberry, and a full array of many other summer fruits are coming to mind when nosing this one....

There is a combination of the denser more earthy notes, and lighter summer feel notes like citrus and fresh fruits.... Lovely combination. Does not has an overpowering sweetness to it on the nose, but nicely balanced.

At first you get an array of flavours like honey, cream, vanilla, raisin, red apples, orange marmalade, pomolo, pink grapefruit, eucalyptus and some floral notes coming through...

After the fresh and fruity notes there comes in the mix the dark chocolate, clove, ginger, cinnamon, butterscotch, cookie dough and backing spices. Giving it a deeper, warmer feel to it. Bit wood, bit like red wine mouthfeel but with a spoon of honey in combination. Warm red wine and spices...

Mackmyra tells us about this bottling:
Awaiting the return of spring, here comes a new whisky for frozen winter spirits. Mackmyra Midvinter is a complex limited edition whisky, something new to experience for both new consumers and collectors. With finish from French Bordeaux casks, glühwine casks and sherry casks, it’s a grown-up alternative to other traditional winter beverages.

You can certainly feel the cask influences coming through in this one, playing around on your palate.

The finish is a middle length finish, with sweet notes lingering on for a bit, and ending with the red wine mouthfeel a bit, not too dry, but mixed with some spice.

We were fortunate to receive a sample from this from Angela. This one is getting an 8 out of 10 from me. Mackmyra tells us "Midvinter warm your spirits while awaiting the return of spring" And it certainly drives the cold winter away, and makes a bridge, it is a lovely balanced and layered combination of different notes. Midvinter, translates as mid winter, is the first limited edition bottling that came after the Special series (1-10), a Mulled & Spiced Wine Finish bottling. Released in October 2013 and bottled at 46,1%.

Mackmyra - Midnattssol - Tasting Notes

Spice, gingerbread, warm, sweet, toffee, chocolate mouse, honey, raspberry, raisin, red and black berry, blackcurrent jam. Reminds me a bit of sticky toffee pudding one side and a dark chocolate cake with warm dark summer fruit jam. 

Very rich on the nose. When warming up it reveals also some fresh notes like vanilla, lemon, orange, green apple, fresh fruits and a hint of pine. It is a whirlpool of lovely notes drawing me more and more into the glass... 

When coming back to the nose after a little taste I noticed that it also has some notes in the back of a bit wood and leather. But not overpowering at all, very lovely.

Sweet, creamy, fruity, vanilla, green apple, raisin, lemon, grapefruit, grapes, honey, and then again the red summer fruits coming to the front...

Lovely light sweet fruit notes mixed with darker chocolate and light nutty notes. Maybe making that chocolate cake one with nuts also in it. In many whiskies you can find dense fruit cakes, but here is the chocolate kind of it. Like it very much. 

It is honey sweet with a toffee and dark jam note coming back from the nose. This whisky feels very balanced and rich. 

There is a minty and herbal freshness and some salty chocolate kind of feel. Rich vanilla and rum soaked raisins notes. Medium to long length finish. 

Oh my, the more I get to taste from Mackmyra the more I fall in love with the products they put out. This Midnattssol is a wonderful dram, scored an 8 out of 10 for me and would love myself a full bottle of it for sure. 

It is going to be released on the May 2nd 2014 in the Swedish monopoly shops Systembolaget. Bottled at 46,1% and the name Midnattssol translates in Midnight's sun. This is a 2nd limited edition bottling after the Special series, with a Birch Wine Finish bottling.
Thanks Angela for sharing this one with us! 

Mackmyra - Svensk Rök - Tasting Notes

Soft sweet smoke, vanilla, pine, a good wood campfire, berries, forest freshness after some rain, some nice warm wood notes.

Spicy notes coming through, bit pepper, cinnamon and ginger. Dark chocolate, toffee, raisin, dark summer fruits, and orange and citrus notes.

First there are some tobacco notes that hit the palate together with some green herbs like thyme.

Bit smoky dry at first with some pepper, cinnamon, vanilla and toffee sweetness mixed with dark chocolate.

Then some more honeyed sweetness emerges, with a fruity side. Green apples, banana, gooseberry, and grapes. But also some red berries, and cranberry in the mix.

Medium length finish, combination of a bit malty, raisin, vanilla and chocolate, like a fruity granola bar with chocolate on top...

Svensk Rök is smoked with Juniper berry's and has a light, sweet and fruity tone to it. It is a very nice dram, and fresh and sweet. 

Gave it a 7 out of 10 when I tasted it at Maltstock. Have to put it at a 7.5 now, lovely, more depth to it then I remember from Maltstock. Proves again you have to taste something many times to get a good review on it :-) 

Bottled at 46.1 %, and with that Juniper smoke I must say I find it intriguing the different kind of "smoke" they get in to it. Lovely...

Westward - Small Batch Oregon Straight Malt Whiskey 2 YO - Tasting Notes

Sweet and spice. Soft candied notes, light fresh eucalyptus notes, orange, tobacco, warm, vanilla, raisin, and liqeurish

Sweet, spice, pepper, malt, fudge, warm, honey, orange.
Vanilla, raisin, liqeurish, vigs, dried abricots, bit leather and tobacco. Soft candy and mint, fresh citrus, grapefruit, walnuts

Medium length finish with a bit grapefruit bitter note mixed with honey, sweet winegums and vanilla

7,5 out of 10

Sample sent by Shai, thanks for sharing this one! Lovely dram! More information can be found on

Glenfiddich - 1983 25 yo Dubai Vintage - Festival Notes

At the Whisky Festival Noord Nederland I got me a lovely sample of Tony to enjoy. This was a Glenfiddich Special Private Vintage bottling of a 25 year-old single European oak sherry cask of Glenfiddich 1983, released to celebrate the 25th anniversary of luxury travel retail in Dubai.

Cask no #10888, and bottled at 53,4% Just had to sit down and enjoy this beauty. No notes, just enjoying. Tony told me to look it up later, 1983 Dubai he just told me, and I was amazed with what I learned a bit. This bottle is around a 1000 pound, if available, not much was bottled sadly of this beauty. Searching at home Tony asked the help of Hans-Henrik Hansen. He kindly provided the confirmation and photo of this bottling. I am very glad to have had the chance to enjoy this one. I was caught on camera while sniffing this one and you can tell I am enjoying this surprise dram very very much... Complex, long finish and great nose and palate.

Murray McDavid - Tobermory 1995 - 15 years old - Festival Notes

At the Maltstock stand at the Whisky Festival Noord Nederland I had a little taste of this whisky.

- Cask no #020
- Selected and bottled for The Specialists Choice NL
- Tobermory Distillery
- Cask Type Bourbon / Tempranillo
- Cask Type Rioja Casks
- Bottled at 46%
- Murray McDavid

A interesting one, sweet expression. It is surely something that has some great notes to it. Could be maybe a bit longer on the finish.

For this quick taste I give it a 6,5 out of 10

Kintra - Mortlach 14 - Festival Notes

- Cask no #10986
- Distilled 9-10-1998
- Bottled 18-3-2014
- Mortlach distillery 
- 14 years in a bourbon hogshead
- 8 month finish in a 1st fill sherry cask
- 48,6% 
- Non chill filtered
- Natural colour

Erik had just gotten this bottling in. And it was great to be able to have a taste at the Whisky Festival Noord Nederland

Lovely expression, very nice! Really something to keep an eye out for! Gave it a 7,5 out of 10 at the festival for the quick taste. Really loving the expressions so far Erik is releasing.