Sunday, August 2, 2015

Murray McDavid - Select Grain - Loch Lomond 1996

In the Twitter Tasting of Murray McDavid recently there was a lovely grain in the line up from the Loch Lomond distillery. Just as with The Vatting I got a chance to make a little drawing as they requested. That was a fun and different twist to a Twitter Tasting. 

Fresh citrus, rich vanilla, warm, sweet, light spices, oranges, hints of equaliptus, soft malty notes and light grassy notes

Sweet, red pepper, liquerish, vanilla, raisin, lemon, orange, dried apricots, honey, light chocolate, granola, creamy custard

Medium, sweet, backing spices, vanilla, honey and chocolate

Fresh and sweet dram and giving it an 7,5/10 score for me.

Murray McDavid - The Vatting

In the Twitter Tasting of Murray McDavid we got treated to The Vatting, a Glenmorangie tea spooned with a little bit of Glen Moray. They provided us with little sheets to draw out what we tasted during the event. Something different and fun to other Twitter Tastings for sure, not easy to do while making notes also, but managed to doodle some for this one.

The nose has a bit more dense sweetness and a thick rich creamy feel. Vanilla, dried fruits and bananas come to mind. Ginger, cinnamon, chocolate, fudge, Christmas cake, powdered sugar and candied/sugared citrus fruit.

On the palate there is rum raisins sweetness with a rich, creamy vanilla, honey and brownies feel. The notes from the nose come back very nicely. Nutmeg, cocoa dryness, cherry, plums, mint and citrus. The medium length sweet finish had a bit of demerara sugar feel to it with dark chocolate and rich custard. Feels balanced and scores me an 7,5/10 for sure.

Murray McDavid - Crafted Blend

The Crafted Blend from Murray McDavid they told us in the Twitter Tasting is a 12 year old blend that is made up of 30% malt whisky aged in a Sherry Butt. The nose is sweet and fruity with honey richness to it. A hint of lemon bitter, vanilla, raisins, oranges and biscuits. 

That bit lemon bitter comes back on the palate also but combined with the vanilla sweetness and some cinnamon dryness. 

On the palate also some oranges, honey and fruit. But also some grassy notes, raisin, toffee, bit malty, white pepper and ginger bread.

The finish is not so long and not finding a lot of depth on the nose sadly. Not making my score of this one come above the 6,5/10 for now. 

Murray McDavid - Mission Gold - Bunnahabhain 1978

The Mission Gold from Murray McDavid is a whisky that left me a bit puzzled at the Twitter Tasting really. It has some really great notes but did felt like there was some in balance and made some notes to heavy on the palate present.   

It is at a strength of 50% and is finished in a Port pipe after being in a refill Sherry. Maybe that combination is what made me puzzled and not being sure if I like it or not. 

The nose is sweet, creamy and soft. Dried fruits, honey and a hint of salty crispy backed bacon. Vigs, vanilla, sultana, red apple, banana, chocolate, Christmas cake, marzipan and dense forrest fruit jam notes. 

On the palate I find a little back of the notes of the nose, but now some herbal notes come through strong. Cloves, lavender, laurel, lime and orange rand. The finish is of medium length and has a banana/chocolate sweetness with vanilla. But also like taking a bite out of a pink grapefruit covered with sugar. The richness of the nose makes me smile, but the strong herbal notes of the palate don't, and with that lowering my score to an 6,5/10 sadly. 

Murray McDavid - Mystery Malt

In the recent Murray McDavid Twitter Tasting there was a mystery malt presented to us. The only thing we got revealed that it is aged for 16 years, and
no wine casks were involved, that it is a classic bourbon and Sherry duo and bottled at 46%.

The nose was grassy at first, with pink grapefruit, vanilla, green apple, orange, granola and white chocolate. Sweet, creamy and also fresh. No deep sweetness in this one. 

On the palate I found much of the notes coming from the nose, but also some orange marmalade, red apple, nutmeg, custard and high lemon creamy notes. Sweetness, liquerish, hint of spring onions and lemon thyme. The finish was of medium length and sweet with the feel of vanilla and granola lingering on. Scored it an 7 out of 10. It feels balanced, but just missing something in it that would make me go wow, but nice relaxing dram for sure. 

Murray McDavid - Benchmark - Glen Scotia 1991

In a recent Twitter Tasting I had the chance to make some notes on this Glen Scotia from Murray McDavid that has spent its last remaining year in a cask from Burgundy. 

That cask finish on it was clearly present and gave it to me a bit herbal almost woody feel to it.

It was a balanced dram with notes as light grassy, citrus, salted butter, rye bread, cherry blossom, fennel, old book store, spices, fruit, woodpolish, HP sauce, heather honey and highly concentrated oranges. There is also some sweetness, vanilla and a hint of liquerish. 

Herbal notes like thyme, lavender and rosemary. Red apple, banana, mint, plums and raisins. Middle length sweet finish, and scoring me a 7/10 due to the high herbal like feel to it. 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Botanist Gin - Tasting Notes

The Botanist is produced in a Lomond still called Ugly Betty at the Bruichladdich Distillery. It is made from the nine classic gin botanicals combined with 22 local herbs and flowers

Sweet and fresh, mint, juniper, honey, green grassy notes, coriander and liquerish. Reminding me of wild flowers, and clovers, lavender, thistle, buttercups, zucchini flowers. Some lovely fruit notes like orages, lemon and red apples coming through the layers of herbal and floral notes. Like walking through a wild garden that is fully in bloom and giving of their aroma's.

Fresh citrus creamy notes at first, with almost a lemon cheesecake feel to it with chocolate sprinkles. Then the sweet fruity and floral notes come rolling in on the palate. There is some rich orange and mint freshness with coriander mixed with lovely berries. The notes from the nose come back lovely and I do not have lots of experience yet with gins but liking this one for sure.

Medium length finish with a sweet liquerish and creamy vanilla/honey feel to it.

Scoring it an 7,5 out of 10. Only got a sample of this home, but would love to have myself a bigger bottle of this one.

Benromach - 15 yo - Tasting Notes

In the recent #BenromachTT we got treated to the new 15 year old expression from the Benromach Distillery. They told us there that just as with the 10 year old the 15 year old is matured with both bourbon barrels & sherry casks, with the sherry being the more dominant part and that Benromach insist on only using the highest quality first fill casks, from a variety of different sources.

They take casks from the bodegas of one of the world’s leading sherry houses in Spain: Williams & Humbert and also have new oak casks made to exact specifications of thickness of stave & charring by Antonio Paez Lobato. These casks are used to mature sherry for 3 years before they’re emptied & shipped to the distillery.

The 15 year old is different one then the 10 for sure, with the distillery signature good visable in not only these but also the other expressions from this distillery. They not seem to dissapoint, and I think a good price/quality balance in their collection.

In this one I got some ginger and orange marmalade. Some dense pear juice and banana coming through with dark chocolate and fudge, mocca, a couple of herbal notes in the light smoke, sponge fingers, cheese cake with red fruit and after eight. Hints of fruit, lemon curd, liquerish, dried fruits, rum raisin, mango, red apple, vanilla, creamy honey, figs, dates and creamy cheese.

The finish is of medium length and sweet with some dry cocao, vanilla and coconut. Also there is a bit of demerara sugar feel to it. Scoring it an 7,5/10. Lovely expression.  

Benromach 10 YO - Tasting Notes

Tasted this lovely Benromach 10 year old a while back. Got a sample send by Gordon & MacPhail and got the chance to have another close look at it. Still lovely 10 year old expression and got some other samples of this distillery, and I look forward to exploring them soon.

Fresh tropical sweet tones, filled also with peaches, apricots, fruit, honey, vanilla and some floral notes. Light smoke detected in the back together with raisin, milk chocolate and whole grain cookies.

On a second chance to make some notes on it I nosed some fresh citrus notes of pink grapefruit and whole grain cookies. Vanilla, rich fruits and honey, toffee and light grass green notes. Light nutty note in the back, little pieces of ginger, little hint of sage and green apples with marzipan.

A sweet and warm dram. The light smoke, raisin, honey, chocolate, fruits, ripe stone fruits, red apple, vanilla and tropical fruits make it a very pleasant one.

On a second nosing and tasting I got some pepper, vanilla and chocolate sweetness with dried fruits and creamy with some white grapes on the finish with white chocolate and raisins. The chocolate is very clear and warm finish. Green apples, ginger, nutty note with hint of marzipan and orange marmalade.

Honey and sweet middle length finish

7 to 7,5 out of 10.

Looking at my notes above and after making these notes in 2014 earlier I always find it nice to make some new ones on it. This time I did during a Twitter Tasting where the lovely new 15 year old expression was set aside it. It looks like that the 10 year old never seems to dissapointed me for sure. I got out of it this time a malty and fruity feel with dried ginger, red apple, chocolate, ripe red forrest fruits and some herbal notes. Some lemon curd and like you are standing in a French pastry & chocolate shop, sipping on some pearjuice. Warm stewed fruits, light smoke, floral notes, honeycomb, dried fruits and on the finish a mix of cocoa and bit laurel liquerish. The earlier score of 7-7,5 needs to go up defenitly to at least a 7,5. Lovely product and shows plenty of depth if you sit with it for a while...

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Rascally Liquor - Annandale new make malt spirit - Tasting Notes

Recently we had the chance to visit Annandale distillery and take with us some of their spirit. This is the non peated version tasted here, the peated one is a suprising one for sure and notes coming on that soon.

Sweet malty note combined with stewed fruit and clover honey. There is a vanilla custard pudding note to it with raspberry, blackberry, strawberry and blackcurrent. Some red pepper, oranges an red apple mixed with dried banana.

Like the nose, sweet and fruity, and all the notes come back perfectly. It has some spices and rich ripe fruits allready in it. Imagine this then after maturation. Will be looking forward to tasting that for sure! It allready has some rich vanilla sweetness going on with almost a demerara sugar feel to it. Very promising spirit with a medium length sweet malty finish