Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Maltman - Port Charlotte 12 year old - Tasting Notes

From the people of Meadowside Blending comes this lovely bottling of The Maltman. Distilled in December 2001 at the Port Charlotte distillery and in total 269 bottles were produced at 12 years old. Matured in bourbon cask number #846 and bottled in May 2014 at cask strength 52,4%

On the nose I find first some cherry, raisin, vanilla, ripe fruit and sweet notes. Followed by sweeter red apple, banana and some fresh pomolo, pink grapefruit. Some earthy notes and herbal are underneath it all combined with equaliptus and red summer fruits.

The palate is ashy at first with mostly sweet wine gums, vanilla and fruit. This is strong stuff, time to put a little bit of water in it, wow, hot chili peppers burning my throat away. With some water added the nose becomes a bit more mellow on the earthy feel.

The palate is also more sweeter and fruitier then before, the chilli peppers go a bit to the back. Some nice dried fruits and vanilla sweetness arise, some raisin and warm wintery spices with a brioche like soft taste in the end.

Green apples and almost a bit like kiwi, some mango, dried pineapple and hint of coconut on the finish with dark chocolate and some salt. And on the very end of the medium length sweet finish I find a particular note of dried banana bits. Find it a bit dry on the finish and palate, scoring this lovely dram an 7,5 out of 10. Thanks Andrew for providing the sample to us! Great one!

The Creative Whisky Company - Girvan 26 years old - Festival Notes

Noticed this bottle at a festival and did not had to think long for buying myself a small dram of it to enjoy.

This lovely grain whisky is 26 years old and comes from the Girvan Distillery. Distilled at 13/07/1988 and then matured in cask #57870, producing in total 158 bottles at 55,1%.

Lovely sweet and full nose and palate. Fresh notes and fruity combined with lovely creamy sweet notes.

This one I just enjoyed every sip of, and did not care to make notes to be honest. Just want a bottle of it.... Lovely and great dram!

Langatun - Festival Notes

At a festival recently we had a look at some Swiss whiskies from the Langatun distillery. We tasted the Old Deer and the Old Bear next to each other.

The Old Deer is distilled in 2009 and bottled in 2015 and matured on a Sherry / Chardoney cask. The normal version is at 40% and then there is also a cask strength version.

The Old Bear is the same make up as we understood, but this is a smoky version. Not like peat infused but more wood smoked. Both had a lovely feel to it. 

Fresh, sweet and a nice combination of flavours. Hope to have a chance soon to have a better taste of them both and make some notes on it. Something to have a look at for sure when you see it.

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Ultimate - Ledaig 2008 - Festival Notes

A lovely fresh and sweet expression with a byte to it this bottling of the Ultimate from Ledaig. Tasted at a festival quickly and something to find me another one of, quite lovely this one.

They choose another very nice whisky for their line with expressions again. Something to discover again soon.

The Creative Whisky Company - Strathclyde 26 years old - Festival Notes

This beauty was distilled in June of 1988, then matured in cask #62107, and after 26 years there were bottled 147 bottles at 54,6%

From the Strathclyde distillery comes this expression released by the Creative Whisky Company. This was just amazing, and beautiful.

Drams like this makes you smile and just enjoy the creamy and full texture of the nose and palate. Fruit, sweet, creamy, malty, dried fruits, honey and so so much more. Lovely rich and deep palate, with quite a finish on it.

Just had a little taste of this one at the festival but can I please have a bottle of this one? Lovely...

Blackadder - Teaninich - 1996 - Festival Notes

From the Teaninich Distillery comes this Blackadder bottling, 18 years old, distilled at 8 July 1996. Producing 278 bottles at cask strength from cask 5583 in July 2014.

Lovely bottling from Blackadder. It has really to much in it to taste good at a festival sadly. Have to try to get me some more of it and have a better look at it.

It has some good sweetness, spice and fruit freshness in it, but as said this one needs another look at, lovely dram.

Blackadder - Clynelish 1996 - Festival Notes

At a recent festival I had the chance to taste a bit of the Blackadder expression from the Clynelish distillery.

This was drawn from cask 8782, a single Sherry butt. Bottled in 2013, and distilled on 8/10/1996. In total 528 bottles were produced of it.

A lovely bottling for sure, and love the deep and rich flavours in it. It was an explosion at cask strength for real with lots of great notes. Not had a lot of experience yet with the bottlings of Blackadder but this one is lovely for sure. Something to have a better look at for sure

Akashi - Festival Notes

Tasted at a festival recently a Japanese single malt whisky coming from the Eigashima White Oak Distillery.

For not too high a price this one is available. It was fresh, fruity and sweet, but not something that screamed wow at me.

But not bad at all, something nice to enjoy, but definitely need a closer look at it. Had the idea it might needed a bit of time. It is young on the nose and palate, but enjoyable must say.

Wemyss Malts - Tarte Au Citron - 1998 - Auchentoshan - Festival Notes

This lovely expression from Wemyss Malts is distilled at the Auchentoshan Distillery in 1998 and bottled in 2013.

As the name of this one all ready states it smells and taste like a combination of lemon, puff pastry and vanilla.

This one is fruity, citrus fresh with some nice sweetness to it. Lovely dram again from the people at Wemyss Malts.

This was just a quick snif and sip at a festival but I know there is more depth to be found in it when I had more time with it.

The Balvenie - Single Barrel 15 yo - Festival Notes

At the last festival I got a bit to taste of this lovely whisky from the Balvenie Distillery. This one is the Single Barrel expression, aged 15 years. This one is distilled at 24/02/1999 and bottled at 24/11/2014. Matured in cask number 3823 and bottled at 47,8%.

Lovely full sweet and fruity nose and palate. Honey and some spices. Rich, fruity and some malty notes. Being at a festival it still proves to be difficult to make larger tasting notes.

This one I just decided to enjoy, this is something I love to just have in the house to enjoy after a hard day at work and just relax. You cant go wrong with Balvenie it seems.