Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Douglas Laing - Old Particular - Feis Ile 2015 - Laphroaig 14yo - Tasting Notes

The first ever commemorative bottling for Fèis Ìle by Douglas Laing to honour the whisky island's festival of Malt & Music is a 14 year old Laphroaig expression. Only 636 bottles produced in the Old Particular series, single cask refill butt with reference DL10694 and bottled at 48,4%.

We were sent a sample of this just before we went to Islay for the festival, and took it with us, so we could enjoy it with some great views that Islay has to offer.

So looking outside now, looking over the water that's hitting the rocks, rain and wind taking over, feeding the plants and water sources for the distilleries, and some Norma Munro playing, this is the perfect dram for drifting away a bit and enjoying the beautiful island Islay...

Peaty and dense sweetness coming from the nose with some heather notes, rich dark berries and some vanilla richness. There is a feel of fruit behind the peat, making me think of red apples, banana and pear juice.

Sweet feel of peat with some honey and heather notes, creamy chocolate, strawberries, raspberries and black current. Bit salty note lying underneath with some earthy notes. There is some lemon and orange notes on the end of the palate noticeable.

Medium length, sweet honey and some chocolate with vanilla notes linger on. Bit almost woody dryness feel on the end though.

A sweet and fruity peaty expression. Scoring it a 7,5/10. Thanks Douglas Laing for sharing this with us!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Glenmorangie - Duthac - Tasting Notes

From the Glenmorangie Distillery comes this lovely expression called Duthac. This is a balanced and complex dram for sure, and enjoyed this one massively at the #glenmorangielive twitter tasting lately. One to be on the look out for. What can they tell us about it?
At the centre of the Royal Burgh of Tain, Ross-shire, in the far north of Scotland where the Glenmorangie Distillery has stood proudly since 1843, lies the resting place of St Duthac. During the Middle Ages, the legends of his workings drew travellers from far and wide on pilgrimages to the ancient burgh. 
A whisky fit for a King, this expression honours the annual pilgrimage made by King James IV to the shrine of St Duthac in Tain, and is part of Glenmorangie Legends – a collection of single malt whiskies exclusive to Travel Retail, inspired by the legendary lands that have been home to the Glenmorangie Distillery since 1843.

Nosing and tasting this one I found it to be sweet and rich. Notes of citrus, equaliptus, banana, toast, warm red apple and fudge come to the front. After that dark summer fruits, raspberry, strawberry, soft floral notes, mandarin, spices, Java cake, mocha, hint of soft leather, sugared almonds, crème brulee, ripe plums, toffee, orange, cream and chocolate.

As said a balanced whisky with a long finish with some sweet chocolate, spices and vanilla. Scoring me this one an 8,5/10.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Compass Box - Hedonism Quindecimus - Tasting Notes

From the lovely people at Compass Box we got a sample send over to try the Hedonism Quindecimus, their fifteenth anniversary limited edition blended grain whisky. Tasted some more expressions of Compass Box since my whisky journey began and I can only say I love their products more and more, and was looking forward to trying this one since I heard it was coming out.  

After the launch of the Compass Box Whisky Company in 2000 they brought out their first bottling, the original Hedonism. Eight years later they put on the market the Hedonism Maximus where they used exclusively older and rarer whiskies. In this 15th anniversary year they felt it was time to go back to where it all started for Compass Box and reinvent Hedonism once more for a very limited edition celebratory bottling. 

There is a balanced and rich nose and palate with shows rich vanilla and great sweet grain notes with a sugar cane edge almost to it. Ripe galia melon with some creamy clover honey, white pepper, fresh ginger, gooseberry, raisin, oriental spices and puff pastry on the first waves of flavours. Then some sweet white chocolate with crisped rice, red apples, cookie dough, soft rose pedals, raspberry, ripe mango, hint of coconut, caramel, dash of lime and crushed mint leaves in the end.

A good length finish with soft, sweet and creamy notes lingering on. A lovely expression to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary for sure! Scoring me an 8 out of 10 at least. This is made of five different grain whiskies from a 28 year old from Dumbarton, a 20 and 25 year old from Port Dundas, a 20 year old from North British and some from Loch Lomond 32 year old.

It is bottled at 46%, not chill-filtered and natural colour. Total of 5.689 bottles produced for this fifteenth anniversary limited edition. It was bottled in February 2015. Thanks Compass Box for letting us enjoy this lovely dram and putting it for sure on the to buy wishlist.  #nomnomnom 

Glenmorangie Dornoch - Tasting Notes

From the Glenmorangie distillery comes this lovely whisky called Dornoch. Was fortunate to have a taste of this one in the first #glenmorangielive twitter tasting recently. Loved this expression, and this is what they can tell us about this expression.
In the far north of Scotland, beside the ancient Royal Burgh of Tain, lies the Glenmorangie Distillery. Established in 1843, the Distillery was named Glenmorangie, Scots Gaelic for ‘Glen of Tranquillity', perfectly describing its peaceful setting on the banks of the picturesque Dornoch Firth, a vast sea estuary and a worldwide Site of Special Scientific Interest. To raise awareness for the conservation of the Dornoch Firth, Glenmorangie has partnered with the Marine Conservation Society to preserve this precious waterway. It is this unique location that is perfectly celebrated by our latest limited edition: Glenmorangie Dornoch
Syrupy, dried fruits, honey, sweet, vanilla, cherry blossom, red apples, hint of wood chips in the back and toffee. Lots of ripe fruits, dark chocolate, citrus, gets more beautiful and richer with time...

Sweet, black pepper, fruits, ginger, lemon, creamy, honey, vanilla, raisin, dried fruits, Turkish delight, orange, toffee, nectarines, chocolate

Medium length, sweet and a hint of cinnamon dryness, some clove and citrus

7,5 out of 10, there is a wood note that runs through it all, but not interfering with the rest and giving it a lovely extra touch to it.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Glenmorangie - Signet - Tasting Notes

A lovely expression of Glenmorangie is the Signet. This was the third time I think I got a taste of this one, and first time to get some notes on it. It did not please me before, but now I was pleasantly surprised by the lovely dram opening up before me.

Another one that is not a good one to taste at festivals it seems and needs it time to open up to me. What can Glenmorangie tell us about this one?
A fusion of unique and rare elements, and clouded in secrecy, Signet is the culmination of a lifetime's experience. A blend of our oldest whisky - distilled over thirty years ago when malting still occurred on site – and spirit matured in a selection of the world's finest casks, this undoubtedly is the richest whisky in our range.  
Of course, whilst the exact secrets of its production are known only to our whisky creators, we can tell you that Signet's melting sweetness and explosive spiciness is, at least in part, caused by our unique roasted 'chocolate' barley malt and the 'designer casks' made bespoke for Glenmorangie from American white oak. Non chill-filtered
The nose was to me filled with fresh citrus notes mixed with sweet honey. Oranges, peaches, dried mango combined with lovely creamy chocolate. A hint of spices, speculaas, toffee, coffee and marzipan. 

On the palate again the fresh citrus and sweet honey feel with rich vanilla, dried fruits and chocolate. A creamy mouth feel with ripe peaches, star anise, ginger, red apples, banana and a rich fruitcake. Made me think of a maple syrup sweetness on a stack of pancakes with blackcurrants on the side, or a good apfelstrudel
and rich dark summer fruits. 

The finish is a long and sweet one, with raisins, chocolate, spices, chocolate mouse, chocolate mint and
vanilla cream. Scoring a 7,5 out of 10 for me. Lovely rich and complex dram. Too bad the price of this expression is around 175 euro and makes it out of our price range sadly, and dropped my score a bit due to that. 

Glenmorangie - the Original - Tasting Notes

This it the original expression of the Glenmorangie range, a very nice 10 year old whisky. They have used first and second fill American white oak casks for the maturation.

A light grassy and citrus note dominates with the vanilla on this soft and sweet nose. Raisins, red apple, pine apple juice, peach, honey and toffee can be found in here also.

The taste of rich vanilla and the honey, almost a syrupy feel, combined with some pepper, oranges, pine apple juice, milk chocolate, cinnamon, nuts, raisins and dried apricots make it a sweet expression. 

Sweet in the beginning of this not too long finish. There is a bit of an orange peel taste and ends up with some dryness of different nuts and nutmeg.

7 out of 10. It is soft and sweet and something you could sit with for some time on a warm summers day. Good to standard have in the collection at home. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

The Glenrothes - 1998 / 2012 - Tasting Notes

This expression from the Glenrothes distillery is distilled in 1998 and bottled in 2012 at 43%.

Sweet, fresh, green apples, vanilla, raisin, spice, lemon grass, salty ham, some light leather note and milk chocolate. There are some different fruit notes underneath, makes me think of galia melon a bit and mango.

Red pepper, creamy, chocolate, lemon, sweet, fresh, green apple, vanilla, raisin, honey, cinnamon, ginger, bit dryness like coconut and nutmeg, malty, spices and the melon and mango from the nose linger in the creamy mouth feel mixed with the chocolate a bit.

Medium length and sweet finish with a creamy and leathery and bit espresso note coming through.

I found it to be at first a bit too fresh and green, and how longer the whisky was out, it became sweeter and sweeter, more fruit notes developed and richer underlying notes. Still very fresh and citrus overlying feel, but lovely mixture with the heavier sweeter notes and spices. Scoring me a 7,5 out of 10. Even with the slightly bitter nutty / espresso note on the finish.

Berrys Bros & Rudd - Glengoyne 2000/2014 - Tasting Notes

In the master class with Charles Maclean at the WFNN festival recently I tried this Glengoyne expression. Distilled in 2000 and in 2014 bottled as just still a 13 year old at 46% from cask #3591. Nonchillfiltered and no colouring added. 

Creme brulee, sweet, burned sugar, rich vanilla, rich fruit, dried apricots, tangerine, pomelo

Like the notes on the nose, very sweet and a bit dryness.
Burned sugar on mouth feel. Fruit, full, thick fruit cake, marinated dried fruits and dark chocolate.

Medium length finish, sweet and bit dry.

Scoring a 7 out of 10

Berrys Bross & Rudd - Aultmore 1997 / 2014 - Tasting Notes

In the master class with Charles Maclean at the WFNN festival recently I tried out the Aultmore expression distilled in 1997. Bottled in 2014, 17 years old, at 64%, from cask #3591. Unchillfiltered and no colouring added.

Sweet, vanilla, light, green apple, kiwi. A very light and fresh sweet fruity nose.

See the notes from the nose, honey comb, floral, fruity, vanilla, creamy and just a bit dryness

Bit dry in the end, honey comb, fruity, coconut, caramel. Medium length finish

Scoring me a 7 out of 10 for this expression. Lovely, but just a bit too sweet and soft.

Berrys Bros & Rudd - Clynelish 1997 / 2014 - Tasting Notes

In the master class with Charles Maclean at the WFNN festival recently I got to try the Clynelish distilled in 1997 and bottled in 2014 at 17 years old.

Bottled at 46%, from an ex bourbon cask #4043. Unchillfiltered and no colouring added.
Fresh, fruit, light waxy, light floral, fresh cereal, white pepper, vanilla

Fresh, citrus, waxy, floral, grassy, white pepper, vanilla, raisins, red apple, banana, fruit sweetness, citrus freshness with some grassy notes and malty notes behind it.

Medium length finish, some dry notes remain with milk chocolate creaminess and rich vanilla and banana dryness (of the inside of the peel). Bit waxy, banana, custard pudding with cookie crumble on to and some chocolate sprinkles.

Lovely dram and scoring an 7,5 out of 10.