Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Maltman - Port Charlotte - 10 yo - Tasting Notes

This Port Charlotte expression from the Maltman has been in a Sherry cask for 10 years (Oloroso sherry hogshead). Distilled in October 2004 and bottled in June 2015 at 53.1%

Thick, sweet, tobacco, bit dry but also creamy, thick pack of leaves in the fall, earthy notes, bit salty fudge note with a mineral side to it. Seaweed and hints of equaliptus with prunes, vigs and spices. Vanilla, cocoa powder, nutmeg, reminds me of heated balsamic vinegar that has been reduced. A layer of fruits beneath it all. With some water added the nose gets a bit toned down and becomes more fruity, herbal, earthy and coastal. 

Like the nose for sure, mixed with chilli pepper and some fruit notes with dark honey underneath. Sharp and sweet, with a "rough" side to it? The mineral feeling again a bit? With the tobacco dryness a bit, but less present then on the nose, letting the spices and fruits come to the front more. Red apple, lemon, pear and melon. With some water added the palate gives a toned down chili pepper note a bit. More the feeling of lush cakes and dessert fruit buffet with marzipan, ice cream, dried fruits and good chocolate. 

Medium length, with a bit dry teeth feel like from tannins that make a taste like bit bite of dark chocolate and cocoa, but with a creamy vanilla feeling lying underneath with dried fruits. 

7,5 / 10. Bit too dry on the nose. Definitely needs some water to open up, lovely rich thick and sweet balanced feel to it though. Thanks Andrew for sharing this one!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Maltman - Mortlach - 16 yo - Tasting Notes

Got a sample of this whisky soon to be released from The Maltman. A Mortlach expression, matured in a first fill bourbon hogshead for 16 year old. Distilled in October 1998 and bottled in June of 2015 at 50.8%

Sweet, honey, red pepper, fruit, creamy, vanilla, raisin, pineapple, hint of cocos, red apples, banana, white chocolate, lemon, pink grapefruit and gummibears. Dense sweet fruit notes topped with some rich flower notes. With some water added to this the nose gives me some more elderflower notes and the gummibears note mellows out a bit and enhances a note of grilled pineapple. 

A bit Greek yoghurt creamy feel to it, fruits, malt, cocos, banana, red pepper, sweet fresh and dried fruits mixed with the notes found before on the nose. Added some water to it in the hope to tone the high red pepper note a bit down. This it did and released some liquerish notes that were underlying mixed with sweet vanilla and raisins. Lovely fruit notes and it becomes a more creamy and sweet dram for sure. 

Medium length finish, with some citrus bitter mixed with the creamy vanilla feel and some red summer fruits with some honey. 

Scoring this one a 7,5 out of 10. Finding this one very enjoyable. Thanks Andrew for sharing! Coming to the stores any time soon now, looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

The Maltman - Clynelish - 18 years old - Tasting Notes

From The Maltman is coming out at the beginning of July a new expression from the Clynelish distillery. Matured in a re-fill bourbon hogshead for 18 years after being distilled in May 1997 and bottled in June 2015 at 47.5%.

The nose has a fatty rich vanilla note mixed with chocolate mouse. Fruit sweetness, raisins, red berries, gummibears, gingerbread, hints of rich speculaas, Turkish delight, sweet pastry notes mixed with rich cake, some marzipan and powdered sugar.

It gives me next to that some warm spices, red apple, oranges, mint and light heather honey. It keeps changing and giving me new notes. Lovely rich nose, but not too overpowering, sweet and soft with a warm layer to it. 

From the nose there is some anticipation build up for sure to taking a sip of it, and I was not disappointed. You can find the notes clearly back on the palate from the nose.

Combined with some pepper and more fruit notes like pear juice, banana, and a fatty mouth feel. A good decent finish on it that leaves the creamy vanilla feel with fruit notes running through it. Lovely whisky, scoring it a good 7,5 out of 10 for sure. Thanks Andrew for sharing it with us! 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Bushmills - 16 yo - Tasting Notes

Tasted this expression from Bushmills recently in a #BushmillsWhiskey Twitter Tasting. A lovely but far to sweet dram for me honestly. 

Kiwi, too ripe passion fruit, sweetness underneath, wood varnish, spekkies, sweet shop, stewed fruit, caramel, gooseberries, thick creamy vanilla, cake, dried berries, cranberry

Bit oily almost, pepper, high vanilla notes, too sweet, demerara sugar sweet, fruit, oranges, red apple, banana, raisin, pudding crème, rich fruit cake, dried fruits, vigs, apricots and some dryness like nutmeg and cinnamon, bit woody

Medium length, sweet, honey, sugar and some nutella

Palate s more enjoyable then nose but too sweet. Scoring this one an 6,5/10, I find it just too sweet

Glen Moray - 12 yo - Tasting Notes

Photo by the Whisky Exchange
In a recent blind tasting I wrote some notes on this 12 year old Glen Moray. There is a golden yellow color on this whisky with cookie dough and chocolate on the nose. 

The nose gives rich vanilla, red apple, fruits, dash of lemon and also a bit dusty notes. So rinsed the glass with the whisky and then with smelling my hands it gives me not so pleasant flavours of a cat litter. Mhmm. Strange one this, also a bit sour/bitter note in it which I can't place. 

On the palate there is sweetness again with chocolate, vanilla, raisin and with a bit dry layer underneath. Sweet, but nutty dryness almost also. Not a lively palate or long finish either. Hint of citrus freshness in the back. Finish is sweet and leaves a creamy mouth feel but with sugar cane feeling and caramel. Score for this one an 6,5/10. Need to give this one a second chance someday I think.  

Bushmills 12 year old - Tasting Notes

In the recent #BushmillsWhiskey Twitter Tasting I got a chance to make some notes on the Bushmills 12 year old expression.

It is much like the 10 year old but with a bit deeper sweetness and fuller fruit feel to it. More creamy and soft citrus notes like grapefruit, oranges, dried fruit, vanilla creamy, stuffed pastry, powdered sugar. A sweet dram, honey, ripe fruit, red apple, raisin, hint of lemon, marmalade, cereal, banana

Banana, powdered sugar, fruit, sweet, red apple, pear, orange, grapes, sultana, vanilla, blossom, hint of liquorish, dried apricots and dried pineapple. Creamy and marmalade bitter, mint, pepper and bit red wine dryness on the teeth with dry cocoa

Medium length finish, a bit more to it then the 10 year old, a bit richer. But still there is not a special wow feeling...? Scoring an 7/10

Glenlivet - Founder's Reserve - Tasting Notes

Photo by the Whisky Exchange
The Glenlivet Founder's Reserve was an expression that I got a taste of recently in a blind tasting.

The nose is sweet, fudge, fruit and has a bit young sharp spirit note. The palate is much like the nose and gives off a note of citrus, honey, sweet and dried apricots. 

But the sharpness of the young spirit feel makes me :-/ On the finish I got the feeling of strong orange rind bitterness. Scoring it an 6,5/10

The Macallan - 10 yo - Fine Oak - Tasting Notes

Photo by the Whisky Exchange
The Macallan 10 year old - Fine Oak is a whisky I have tasted blind and made some notes on. Not being a huge fan normally of Macallan's this one surprised me a little must say. So definitely need to give those samples I got around a good try soon and discover some more of this distillery. 

This expression has a sweet nose filled with floral notes of violets and roses. Different fruits of banana, kiwi and oranges. A light fresh mint note and a light sherry influence noticeable. 

Some darker sweet notes and cinnamon/light leather coming through on the palate with honey sweetness, fudge, red apple, banana, vanilla, raisin and other notes like the nose. 

The not too long finish has a deep rich creamy chocolate and vanilla feel to it. Scoring it an 7,5/10

Glenlivet 12YO - Tasting Notes

I have tried this Glenlivet expression on two occasions. One from an official sample and the other recently from a blind sample. Both times I got about the same notes on it. Just a bit more extensive on the second go. It changed my score overall just a bit but not much...

Sweet, honey, roses, tropical fruits, green apples, peaches, grassy, vanilla, fudge

Pepper, creamy, apricots, pineapple, cinnamon, toffee, bananas, plums, honey, different fruits, red and green apples, chocolate, fruit cake.

Sweet and medium length, bit nuts on the after taste, fruity and fresh. Vanilla, raisin, chocolate and dried fruits.

Scored it on the first try a while back an 6,5/10 and now tasted blind an 7 out of 10 but it does feels a bit too watered down?

Cardhu - 12 yo - Tasting Notes

Photo by the Whisky Exchange
In a blind tasting I got the chance to taste this Cardhu 12 year old.  

It has some strong notes of honey, bit earthy and sweetness. 
Sweet and fruity. On the palate I found it to be a bit more bitter from citrus and nuts. 

But also spices, lemon, grapefruit. Very honey sweet, bit floral, heather and lots of fruits. Vanilla, raisin and chocolate. Scoring an 6,5 - 7/10 for me.