The Glenrothes - Sherry Cask Reserve - Festival Notes

At the Whisky Live The Hague I got a chance to taste the Sherry Cask Reserve from the Glenrothes Distillery.

A nice dram for sure, but felt if something was missing. Not a huge fan of Glenrothes must say, but keep trying them to find out what I am missing.

Curious to hear what other people think of this one. Find Glenrothes a bit difficult to get a profile of, there is just no click?

Have some samples standing here for a while now, maybe just get to them and make notes and see how it goes.

Douglas Laing - Provenance - Ledaig - Festival Notes

Every time at a festival I tend to stop for a while at the Douglas Laing stand. Just to browse around their lovely expressions. At Whisky Live The Hague it was no exception.

From the Provenance series in the Autumn Distillation, there is this lovely Ledaig distillery bottling. Distilled in 2005 and only 7 years old when bottled.

But so nice, fresh, sweet and very enjoyable for sure! This age range does it very well at this distillery I discovered. That is the great thing about independent bottlers, you get a look at the spirit more then in the official bottlings I sometime find.

Lovely expression.

Balblair - 1999 - Tasting Notes

At Maltstock we tasted in the masterclass from Balblair the 1999 expression that replaces the 1997 Vintage. It is matured in American oak, ex-bourbon barrels and Spanish oak, ex-sherry butts. 

On the nose it has some wood mixed with sweet, light floral, green apples, lots of citrus notes, fruit cake, caramel, rich vanilla, milk chocolate and a hint of leather and plums

On the palate a bit dry cocoa and oatmeal cookie. Bit sharp lemon at first, then vanilla, dark chocolate, hint of espresso and some honey. Fudge, vanilla crème, banana and almost some notes of chuppa chup bubble gum sweetness.

A medium length finish with fresh tropical fruits in there, with some sharp citrus remaining and custard crème. Like it but not going wild, missing something in it but not sure what. Giving it a 7 out of 10 for now. Leaves me with a bit warm milk cream mouth feel. It has lots to offer, but maybe the spices aren't prominent enough? Can something be too balanced?

Douglas Laing - Blair Athol 25 yo - Festival Notes

From the guys at Douglas Laing we had the pleasure of tasting the Blair Athol single cask bottling of their XOP Series (Xtra Old Particular) Distilled in June 1989 and bottled in October 2014 out of a refill hogshead with reference DL 10440.

Matured for 25 years it was a sweet, fruity, spice, and delicious dram. Really lovely.

Bottled at cask strength and has a really nice finish on it. The palate is fresh and fruity and just really wonderful.

Wishing I could make notes on the spot better at festivals like this where we cant sample, so we can make better notes on it. But Whisky Live The Hague was very much fun, the most important thing and this dram was a real hit.

Armorik - Millesime 2002 #3300 - Festival Notes

Lovely expression of the Armorik expressions from the Warenghem Distilery. In 2013 at the same festival I had a chance to try the previous version 

The Millesime is just a lovely expression all should try sometime, to see what this French distillery has to offer. Great expressions and something for everyone I think in their line up.

This one again was lovely. Not made any notes on it, but just wrote down that it was great again and sweet & fruity. 

Want to know some more of this distillery? Why not have a look here

Armorik - Maitre de Chai - Festival Notes

At the Whisky Live the Hague I had a taste of this new expression of the Warenghem Distillery. The Armorik - Maitre de Chai shows lots of lovely flavours and feels balanced.

Did not make some notes on it further, just enjoyed it there at the festival, what was also a bit too crowded and warm to really relax and make notes so hope to have another chance at this one. Really eager to deep a bit deeper in this one and make proper notes...

Balblair - 1983 - Tasting Notes

At Maltstock I had a taste of the Balblair 1983 in the masterclass held there. While all ready having had some great drams in other activities I found it hard to sit down with this one and get some more extensive notes on it. So just a couple of short ones only sadly I thought. Then Lukasz gave us the chance to take a sample home to have a good look at it later. Isn't that lovely? Really wanted to give this one a proper look at.

Sweet, fruity, rich flavours, pepper, vanilla, crème brulee, raisin, fudge and some coconut in the back. Rich tropical fruit notes with honey suckle. Getting in my mind the picture of those sugar coated fruit treats, chocolate and pear juice.

Very much like the nose really, very balanced and sweet fruity feel to it. Honey suckle, some pineapple and mango sweetness with some orange juice.

Some banana, milk chocolate, creamy, vanilla, some spices, red pepper and a hint of some dry wood in there also? Getting more the red apple and caramel feel to it, while on the nose it was more pear juice. There are some spices on the nose and palate that give it a warming feel with some freshness, almost liquerish feel.

Medium length finish, dark chocolate but with fresh citrus notes and tropical fruits, with a hint of mint in the back. Very sweet much like fudge, very nice but just a bit too much of the honey/fudge sweetness overpowering the rest I find.

7-7,5 out of 10? It is very nice, balanced and has lots of great notes to it. But a bit too sweet to my taste.

Hakushu - Distillers Reserve - Festival Notes

Really been on the exploring tour lately in the world of Japanese whisky. Lovely products are out there.

Just as this The Hakushu Distiller's Reserve. A smooth fruity expression with a hint of smoke and is it mint freshness I detect in there?

Was at the very busy and warm Whisky Live festival in The Hague I encountered this one I have seen in the shops and wanted to give it a try. But the surroundings were not optimal to get some better notes out of it sadly.

I found it fresh, sweet and very enjoyable. Something to look out for.

The Maltman - Hazelgrove 14 yo - Festival Notes

At the Whisky Live festival The Hague we got a taste of this lovely expression of Hazelgrove from octave cask #2, distilled in March 2000 and bottled in October 2014 to celebrate 10 years of Whisky Import Nederland. Only 74 bottles produced at 48,9% of this
14 yo expression. Un-chillfiltered and natural colour.

Just lovely. Again. Really got to add some of their bottlings to our collection, really lovely expressions they put out there.

Sadly no tasting notes made other then I like and thumbs up. Hope to encounter it again somewhere...

Joshua Brook - Festival Notes

While when we were at the Whisky Live festival we tried also some bourbons. Being unknown in that side of the spirits world nothing really rang a bell to us, so just start somewhere when looking at a stand full of options...?

We got offered the Joshua Brook Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Something that immediately I got very dry black tea on, heavy nuts bitterness and also a bit flat. The palate really also the same, not something I was looking for.

Mhmm. On to the next one, and if I see this one again, will have another look for sure, but at that point just could not get something more out of it.