Tomatin - Distillery exclusive edition - ex Sherry 12 YO

At our visit to Tomatin last year we purchased a bottle your own at the shop, one ex Bourbon and one ex Sherry expression. This one I found needs a good dash of water to open up a bit. Wonderful dram, but also very present...

Strength                 57,7% cask strength
Cask type              ex Sherry
Cask filling date     29-03-2002
Bottling date          09-05-2014
Cask number         2036
Bottle number        288
Chill filtered           No

Sweet, vigs, honey, liquerish, dark chocolate, ripe plums, black berries and a hint of tobacco leafs in the back.

It is giving me some notes like walking through a pine forest in the autumn after it has rained and the earthy tones rise up in the air.

Cumin seed and nutmeg notes lingering in the back with some other warm spices. It is honey and black fruit sweet, wintery warm due to the light spices in the back with the liquerish between it, and the pine freshness...

Tobacco leaf (light), liquerish, raisin, vanilla, honey, heather, mushrooms, vigs and black berries.
Backing spices, rich fruit cake, cinnamon, chocolate, fudge, creamy, sweet, lemon and some minty freshness.
The notes from the nose come back strong on the palate with more chocolate and fudge.

Medium to long finish, filled with cocoa and vanilla and fudge

7,5 out of 10. Balanced and very nice. Definitely needs a good splash of water, and then also some time to open up. But when patient it gives of lovely notes to enjoy. Glad we brought a bottle home from the distillery.

Tomatin - Cù Bòcan - Tasting Notes

Tasted the Tomatin Cù Bòcan from a sample sent by Dave from Whisky Discovery.  Cù Bòcan is a mythical hell hound who has stalked the residents of the village of Tomatin for centuries. This lightly peated whisky at 15ppm has been matured in a combination of ex bourbon, ex sherry and virgin oak casks and bottled at 46% abv. More information is to be found on

Smoke, tangerines, lemon twist, biscuits, toffee, creamy, dark chocolate, smoky bbq sauce, bit meaty...
Cinnamon bread and citrus freshness come trough from behind the stronger notes of smoke and dark chocolate.

Creamy dark chocolate with a whiff of smoke and almonds. Citrus notes with some minty freshness, biscuits, toffee, vanilla, raisin, oranges, grapefruit and dried apricots

Medium length finish, sweet vanilla and chocolate

Balanced dram, need a bit of time to open up, and reveal the lighter and sweeter flavors. Scored it a 7 at first due to being closed a bit, but thinking of maybe 7,5. It reveals in the end after some time great juicy notes. Thanks Dave for sharing this one with us!

Tomatin - Distillery exclusive edition - ex Bourbon 11 YO

When we were at Tomatin Distillery this year we brought a bottle your own back with us to try at home.

Cask type           ex Bourbon
Cask filling date  08/05/03
Bottling date       08/05/14
Cask number     1903
Bottle number    1
Alc./Vol.            56,3% - cask strength
Chill filtration      No

We were about to tap one our selves from the cask when we noticed this one standing there already done. The date and bottle number where just to cool just to leave there, and decided to not fill our own but "just" take this one. Graham signed it already on the label, but just for a little bit extra and the fun of it he did one more on the label. Definitely a bottle we will be saving when empty to remember the good times spend there that day. You can read all about our time there in the post we wrote earlier about it.

Vanilla, cream bun (with the yellow cream), powdered sugar, white chocolate, raisin, dried apricots, fresh citrus and mint notes underneath the vanilla creaminess. Fruity sweet combined with some light fresh floral notes.

Vanilla, cream, chocolate, sweet, honey, light floral, citrus, banana, green apple, pink grapefruit, creme brulee and dense fruit cake. Toffee, raisin, dried apricots, marzipan in the back and some very light black pepper.

Medium length sweet vanilla and fruity finish with lots of rich chocolate notes.

Scored a good 7,5 out of 10, it is a great dram filled with many different sweet notes

Héritage Borderies Cognac Hors d'Age - Tasting Notes

Thomas was send a birthday surprise dram by Franck Debernardi (@LaCaveDeCobalt) to enjoy. It was marked #NotAWhisky and it was not disappointing for sure, its a beauty...

It turned out to be a 50 year old cognac (40%abv) Very impressed with it. Time to explore more of this other world of spirits :-)

Almond cake, marzipan, equaliptus, warm freshly made applesauce, warm cherries, cinnamon, light tobacco note, fresh mint tea, red pepper and backing spices. Vanilla, soft, sweet, wintery spices, raisin, papaya, sugar cane, red apples, mango, orange, pomegranate and chocolate.

Sweet, light spices, dark chocolate, rich cassis notes, cinnamon, dark sugar, backing spices, oranges, raisin, fresh vanilla and creme brulee. Thick cream, equaliptus and lots of tropical fruit notes who can also be found on the nose.

Bit leather and tobacco notes mixed with fresh pastry, chocolate croissant, red crumbly apples in the front and a green apple freshness in the back

Bit dry from cinnamon combined with some tobacco. But quite a length of a finish, sweet with rich flavours of chocolate and vanilla

8 of 10. Balanced and very very nice. Thanks Franck for sharing this beauty with us to enjoy!

Tomatin - Legacy - Tasting Notes

The Tomatin Legacy is matured in a combination of Bourbon barrels and Virgin Oak casks and bottled at 43% abv.

Lemon, pine freshness, vanilla, nutmeg, sweet, backing spices, bit dry ginger bread

Black pepper, sweet, warm, vanilla, red apples, banana, raisin, backing spices, cinnamon, winter feel, speculaas, dried apples, dried apricots, grapes

Medium length finish with a bit dry wood with some cinnamon mouth feel dryness.

ScoreThis one scored an 7 - 7,5 out of 10 for me. The palate and nose is sweet and fruity. But the dryness on the finish is a bit heavy

The Talisman - Tasting Notes

Tomatin produces and sells a variety of blends throughout the world, some of which include Grand Alistair, Legendary Scot and Ancient Clan. Big T was their first ever blended Scotch Whisky. The Talisman was later introduced, and is now the most popular standard blended whisky in their line.

Vanilla, lemon, muffins, fudge, fruity, light green tea notes, fruit cake, scones, creamy, milk chocolate, fresh, sweet

Sweet, vanilla, chocolate, very ripe orchard fruit, plums, heather, creamy, roses, red apples, banana, and some whole grain dry cookies

Not too very long, bit dry mouth feel of some light smoke that comes in on the end...

It is a nice and fresh dram, fruity and sweet. Give it a 7 out of 10.

Old Captain

Old Captain Rum is selected by the Caribbean Rum Company Curacao and imported and bottled by Boomsma Distillery Leeuwarden in the Netherlands. It is made of a combination of different kinds of Jamaican rums. There is the white, brown and 5 year aged version of Old Captain rum.

Next to further discovering the wonderful world of whisky together with Thomas we now are also looking into other spirits to broaden our horizon a bit and see what is out there. Gathered some rums to start with that and trying to find the differences and our preferences. Just like in the whisky world there are some you instantly know are better in a mix, and others are just there to be enjoyed neat and slowly. If you have any good tips on rum we love to hear it so we can seek it out!

Old Captain - Extra Dry
This white rum gives me on the nose at first some banana and a bit dry dusty feel. But when giving it some time it revealed some young grain notes or Brinta like.

Bit of heavy fruit, creamy, light milk chocolate, raisin and vanilla. It may sound weird reading all these notes, but it felt a bit closed on the nose...

On the palate it did open up with a burst of sugar cane sweetness, fruit, dried apricots, raisin, vanilla, creamy, chocolate. Very, very sweet, and not a very deep or long lasting taste, with a bit bitter nutty and dry aftertaste.

This one might benefit very well of being in a mixer or something. It is good on its own, but just misses something to balance it out. It is soft fruity and sugar cane sweet on the palate but the nose stays behind a bit sadly.

Old Captain - Well Matured
The brown Old Captain rum has a bit more sweeter nose. You can find the notes from the white rum also in here but added with more sugary and fruity notes. Bit more honey exotic fruity with a hint of oranges and coconut.

On the palate I find some soft pineapple notes, oranges, fresh lemon, and some chocolate candy bar in the mix. Sugar cane, honey, and some dry cocoa on the not too long finish. Like this one more then the white rum must say and get an urge to make myself a Mai Tai or a Mojito...

Zuidam - The Flying Dutchman Rum - Tasting Notes

The Flying Dutchman by Albert Pinkham Ryder
c. 1887 (Smithsonian American Art Museum)
The Flying Dutchman Rum is crafted at the Zuidam Distillery. Zuidam Distillers still creates their products in the traditional artisanal way. All ingredients are 100% natural and are carefully selected and processed into the most beautiful products in the family owned and run distillery. All recipes are designed by father Fred and son Patrick van Zuidam.

As they say on their website 'Painting With Flavors is Art' and they do know their business not only with whisky, liqueurs, genevers and korenwijns, but also their rums are delicious. We got the possibility to taste the Flying Dutchman Rum and also the Flying Dutchman Premium Dark Rum No.3, aged for minimum of 3 years next to each other.

Zuidam distilled the first rum in Europe from pure sugarcane molasses. Fermentation happens in small batches on a low temperature and takes minimal of 2 weeks. This is longer then normal but they want to go for the more delicate notes. After the fermentation the rum is distilled three times in small handmade copper stills. Most rums elsewhere are produced by large column stills, and this craft distilling on a smaller scale ads to the flavor profile. The rum is matured on small oak casks. The white rum is matured for a minimal of 6 months and the aged rum is matured minimal 1 year.

The Flying Dutchman white rum 
The nose is very sweet with lots of fruit, some roses, dried apples, dry banana, sweet dades, vanilla and some raisins. On the palate these notes come back and make it feel like a very balanced product, warm and sweet. 

There is a soft creamy sweet, bit fudge and cream warm notes with warm chocolate milk. Very fruity and delicate flavors. Middle length finish with a sugar cane mouth feel left in the end with a mix of brownies. Very nice!

The Flying Dutchman Premium Dark Rum No.3, aged for minimum of 3 years 
This is my favorite I think of the two if I had to chose. The nose gives me the same feel and notes as the white rum, but bit more mellow and added some great citrus notes to the mix. Orange, citrus, white chocolate with crispy bits in it come to mind. 

It is warming and there is a tropical fruity note to be found in here also, very lovely combination that continues on to the palate. There you can find also some dark liquerish and salmiak notes with rich vanilla pods. Yummy... The finish feels a bit longer and less heavy sugary on the teeth. It is a beautiful rum you certainly must try if you get the chance!

Douglas Laing The Old & Rare - Ardbeg Distillery 1973 - 29 years old

At Whisky Afloat last week Thomas got a sample of this Ardbeg from 1973, 29 years old, from Douglas Laing 'The Old & Rare' collection. Very glad he shared this one with me, it was lovely :-)

Sweet, light earthy peaty feel, floral and soft heather. Warm, toffee, creamy, chocolate, leather.

Soft fruit bowl notes, oranges, marmalade, marzipan, nuts, light green tea notes, salty caramel chocolate and propolis

Light peat mixed with warm cherry's and whipped cream with chocolate sauce sprinkles and honey.

Dried stone fruits, vanilla, raisin, rich fruit cake, brownies, green tea, toffee, warm, light red chili note in the back, orange, banana, a bit salty, lavender

Medium length finish, cocoa, bit chocolate and some warm red fruits mixed with vanilla

8 / 10 balanced, soft and sweet

Benromach Vintage 1976 - Tasting Notes

Thanks to Jan from Van Wees we got a sample send by Gordon & MacPhail of this Benromach 1976 beauty. Being born in 1976 this is something I just had to try out, and was not disappointing for sure!

Rich fruit tones, mocha, honeysuckle, caramel, tea biscuits, candy sweet, dark chocolate, orange, and some citrus freshness coming to the front a bit when warming up.

Bit creamy and brown sugar, pancakes, vanilla, grain oatmeal cookies, vigs, light wood polish, creme brulee and raisins.

Bit dry bitter note at first from dark chocolate at first but then that quickly goes to the back and the sweet rich notes emerge of dried stone fruits, caramel, mocha and warm red apples.

Mandarins, bit mint, creme brulee, vanilla, raisin, chocolate chip cookie, pepernoten, creamy, almond paste, honey and Christmas cake

Medium length finish, creamy, vanilla and dark chocolate

8/10, beautifully rich, warm and balanced. It needs time but then becomes cotton candy sweet in the end.